About Us

The founder, Will Stateczny, has been an avid gamer ever since he can remember, so it was only natural that he start publishing his own games.

Currently Topwise Games has two games in it’s stable. The first is the fast paced, action card game Monkeys Need Love Too.  How many monkeys can you free before the alarm sounds?  How many bananas can you eat before you get sick from potassium overdose?  How many shots of poo to the face can you take before you stop trying to put roller skates on a monkey?

All these questions and more can be answered sooner than you think.  Manufacturing completed back in December and the main shipment arrived at our warehouse February 16th.  It is now for sale online in our store and eagerly yearning to be played on your dining room table.

We’re now shifting more of our resources over to the testing of our second game, A Bad Day For Donuts.  While we don’t want reveal too much about the game just yet, what we can tell you though is that it will be a very tasty board game.

It’s been play tested to a point using crude versions of the game pieces, but now more production-level pieces need to be manufactured so we can play test with the public and get everyone’s opinion before launching on Kickstarter.